Woody’s Winners 3/23/2022

Yup yup yup. The big bad blog man is back baby! 2-0 also known as perfection. You quite literally cannot ask for a better gambling night. For all of you Woodheads that read yesterday’s blog, it is funny that the day after I pronounce that I am actively trying to continue the losing streak of the Hockey Over, it wins. I think that makes me an all-time jinx. So, get ready for me to talk about losing my picks a lot more often.

The Hockey Over got off to a fast start with 4 goals in the first period. Of course, I tweet that the Hockey Over is no doubt going to win. Then all goals stop. That makes me a moron, but we already knew that. Luckily the Blues put pucks in net and got me the cover. The capitals seem like a great team to bet overs for because that Russian communist they have on the team is the all-time leader but they kind of suck. No cap (itals). Yeah, that is the worst joke I have made yet.

NBA! If there is one thing I know about the NBA, it is Jokic puts up points. Also, I learned that Kawhi Leonard doesn’t play on the Clippers anymore. Not really sure what happened to him but as long as the overs hit, I can’t complain.

Back at it again with the Hockey Over and Late Night Over waiting for college bball to return.

Here are my plays:

Late Night Over: Sixers @ Lakers Over 229.5 1 Unit. I heard Lebron is still balling out and the Sixers got James Harden. Yeah, I think that means the over is going to hit.

Hockey Over: Devils @ Maple Leafs Over 6.5 1 Unit. I’m confused. I always thought to make leaf plural it was spelled leaves not leafs. Is there a difference? This seems like a there, their and they’re situation so I’m tapping out.


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