WGC Dell Match Play Betting Guide

Last week at the Valspar didn’t treat me quite as well as The Players did the week before when I picked Cameron Smith to win at +3600. That is just a reminder, I am definitely not bragging because I have pretty much given it all back through March Madness live bets. I’m a sucker for hammering a favorite when they get down early. Screw Saint Peters.

Nothing that eventful came out of the Valspar tournament other than an impressive comeback win from Sammy Sideburns (Sam Burns). Nothing kills interest in a tournament faster than when the leaderboard is chalked full of no names wearing shirts full of sponsors that we have never heard of. I can’t think of the players name but there is a dude running around out on the course with an MLB logo on his shirt. Money is money, I guess. Sam Burns brought a little appeal back to the tournament, but he is still a up and comer, so my interest dipped.

This week is the first of very few Matchplay events on the PGA tour. I personally am I huge fan of match play events. A lot of people are calling for more match play events but as much as I like them, I also don’t want them to lose their flare. It’s like how McDonalds brings the McRib back for limited time only. It is crazy popular at the time then they snatch it away making you crave more. I honestly have never had a McRib, but I am sure they are phenomenal. Nothing sounds better than BBQ food from Micky D’s. They do have the best sprite though. Ok sorry, enough about old Ronald’s greasy burgers.

If you have been following along, I don’t normally pick big names or favorites. I am kind of going against myself this week but had to throw the match play assassin.

Here are my plays:

Scottie Scheffler to Win +1700

Kevin “Match play assassin” Kisner to Win +4600

Kevin Kisner to win his group +300

Scottie Scheffler to win his group +200

Max Homa to win his group +220


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