Big news! CJ Stroud got a new helmet

Fellas. Did you hear about this? Did you see this? Qb1, CJ Stroud got a new helmet and he is now going to be better at running than Lamar Jackson at Louisville. I guess that means he is going to win the Heisman. I don’t make the rules.

This is quite clearly a basketball is over and waiting for football to start storyline. But lets dissect.

What the hell even is this helmet? It’s missing the whole top half of the face mask. Clearly the visor is mandatory with this helmet and if I am being honest I never have been a huge fan of a qb wearing a visor. Unless it was Big Ben. Then it is just hilarious. But what if the visor get dirty or worse yet, scratched. Then Stroud has to come off the field for at least one play. That play could be a 3rd and long in Xichigan territory on a drive to take a convincing 5 touchdown lead in the Shoe. Think of the implications people!

Stroud caught all kinds of shit last year because he didn’t run the ball. I guess if you are a QB in an Ohio State uniform you have to be able to run the ball like Braxton Miller. If I recall correctly Dwayne Haskins couldn’t beat my 80 year old grandma in a race and she has had double hip replacement surgery. I guess brand new hips is kind of cheating. I don’t understand the criticism of Stroud not running but it was fine when Haskins never ran. Is there times when Stroud could’ve picked up five yards with his feet and instead threw an incompletion? Sure, but I like getting the ball into our weapons hands more than I like Stroud running. But anyway back to the original point of Stroud changing his helmet. Is he changing his helmet to look faster and so he can take more hits? If he is changing it so he looks faster, check. He looks aerodynamic as hell. Like a formula 1 drivers helmet and you gotta trust the science with those guys. I did research on the helmet and it is definitely designed to take some damage and obviously prevent concussions. So angered buckeye fans that wish Justin Fields was still in college rejoice. Are QB1 is now Mike Vick in his prime.


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