Woody’s Winners 3/21/2022

I may be the worst gambler on the face of the earth. Ok maybe not the worst but definitely not the best. My gambling weekend kind of went how Ohio States basketball season went. I treaded water and showed glimmers of hope for the first three quarters and then got absolutely railed the last quarter. Prime Mike Tyson knocked me out instantly the last day. I barely squeaked out 2 winners with Duke and Purdue covering the spread, but the rest was a bloodbath. It quickly turned into a walk the dog three times around the neighborhood while avoiding the phone and 3 mounted TV setup in the living room. Oh yeah, did I mention I have three TVs mounted in my living room? Because if I didn’t mention it, I apologize. I don’t want you guys thinking I’m a one tv change the channel every commercial break kind of guy. I’m glad I got that all cleared up because that could’ve been awkward.

I’m low on live bullets at the moment and waiting for the bullet store to restock the supply before I start popping of shots all willy nilly. AKA I lost money this weekend because I suck at gambling (1-800-Gambler) so I am going low volume each day until March Madness starts back up. But of course, the Hockey Over must go on. Also, I might as well fuck around and bring back the Late Night Over (NBA Edition).

Here are my plays:

Hockey Over: Oilers @ Avalanche Over 6.5 1 Unit. Statistically due is an understatement. I’m colder than a penguin’s pecker in a snowstorm. But you know what they say, all peckers rise eventually.

Late Night Over: T-Wolves @ Mavericks Over 230 1 Unit. I had no clue the T-Wolves were good. I figured the Mavs were good because Luka and Porizgas but I guess it makes sense the T-Wolves are good with Karl Anthony-Towns, DeAngelo Russel and Andrew Wiggins. That means points.


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