Basketball Buckeyes vs Loyola Recap and Nova Preview

The basketball Buckeyes did it! They defeated God! Or Jesus Christ I think. It has been brought to my attention that I may have gotten the two confused in my sister Jean preview blog. The days of getting chocky chip pancakes after Sunday school are long gone. Hand up, I apologize to the big man upstairs. That’s on me.

This game was the worst basketball game I have ever watched. If you showed me the score and just said this is an Ohio state sports score. I would’ve guessed football. Ohio state Utah was 48-45. Not to far off of 54-41 against sister Jean and her saggy baggy eyes. The past couple years haven’t treated her too well. I guess that’s what 102 years does to a person though.

My initial reaction to the game is that we got lucky we played a team that was worst than us. But on second thought, that is by far the worse we have played offensively all season and we still won by double digits. Oh yeah and we only made one three pointer… But thank god (or Jesus Christ idk at this point) our defense stepped up. Where the hell did that come from? Loyola only had threes keeping them in the game and if they dare come in the paint they got bounced out. It’s hell in the hole. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about hell with all the god/Jesus talk. I am a big believer in water finds it’s level. I assume that the offense will pick it back up but at the same time the defense will go back to shit.

Liddell was still able to do his thing despite the trash around him. His mid range game is unreal. Reminds me of dirk with that 12 ft fade away shot he does. I see the similarities in appearance between the two also. Both tall. Branham showed flashes of dominance like he has all year. Really need the kid to be more consistent to have any chance at advancing further. If he is able to make space and get a head of steam going to the rim it’s night night for the defense. The guy can finish. Unlike most men after some whiskey cokes. Kyle young is the the horse they make the glue out of. Every college basketball team craves a guy like him. Scrappy, hustles, rebounds, physical and is a leader. I think all I missed was gym rat for the how to describe white guy playbook.

All in all this win gives me hope again. All you hope when you play that bad is that you can win ugly. It’s like what my buddy always said when I asked him why he had such low standards. As long as you get the job done no one cares how it looked. Never made sense to me at the time seeing the talent he was working with but I think I understand now. But we got our worst performance out of the way and got a W. A lot of teams wish they could say that. Cough cough last years 2 seed team.

Now for Villanova. They showed signs of weakness early on against Delaware but then they remembered they were playing Delaware. Only reason people know about Delaware is because Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl. Has to be a top 5 most forgotten about state.

I honestly think that we match up well against Villanova. The first matchup I know we win is coaches attire. Jay Wright that fraud. Guy doesn’t even wear a suit now. His whole persona was the slicked back hair well dressed mob boss from philly. Now he looks like any Tony walking down the street to get a philly cheese steak. Holtman wins because he still wears a jacket at least. But for on the court we have size and they don’t. EJ Liddell should be able to get what ever shot he wants to. Young and Key should dominate the glass also. We win this game in the trenches. I can’t imagine Branham going off against Nova. Another point that helps is Nova wants to play slow. We don’t necessarily want to play slow but we suck so bad for ten minutes at a time that hopefully we can keep Nova’s big run limited.

The first win was fun but you have to expect to win as a 7 seed in the round of 64. The real fun comes if we shock the nation and upset the 2 seed. Just give me at least 1 more week of Buckeye entertainment until football season starts.

Prediction: Buckeyes win by 3. Do I really believe this? No but I can’t willingly predict them to lose.


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