Woody’s Winners 3/18/2022

March Madness is unbeaten. The GOAT. The day had its lows, but the highs are higher than the crack head outside the local Walmart that you awkwardly avoid eye contact with as he shakes an empty McDonalds large Iced Tea cup with two pennies in it while asking if you have found your lord and savior Jesus Christ. Over/Under five teeth? I don’t take the under often, but I am willing to put my left nut on less than five teeth.

Had a hot start to the day with me hate watching TTUN comeback against Colorado St for an easy win. Colorado knows skiing and weed not basketball. Stick with the dope on the slopes. Yes, I am aware that is a corny rhyme. Then I followed it up with another somewhat easy win from my Providence Friars and that smooth operator Ed Cooley. They didn’t make it easy at times because they aren’t playing basketball if they aren’t constantly giving up ten point leads.

Speaking of giving up leads, my 2-0 record quickly turned to 2-4 because I am an awful gambler. 1-800-Gambler. Iowa is and forever will be just one of the irrelevant I states of the Midwest. What they did to their fans by winning the B1G Ten tourney then losing first round should be punishable by making the team watch a corn field burn to the ground. Trust me there is plenty more of it. They love that shit in Iowa.

Stop me if you have heard this before. The Hockey Over lost… It’s getting embarrassing. At least this time it was only a goal away. Yes, I agree that is big time loser talk. I am guaranteeing a win today. Don’t worry.

Saint Mary’s pinned Indiana against the wall and had their way with them. Don’t worry Indiana gave consent before hand. That pick was a big fade myself game. Love the B1G Ten but it was time for Mike Woodson to lay his wonderful shiny bald head to rest. Then two absolute sweat in your ass crack games followed. Creighton coming up with a W from being down the entire game is one you must pay respect to the gambling gods for. Then on the opposite, Murray State up 8 with two and a half minutes left choking and going to OT. Then one of the most entertaining Ot’s where neither team could seem to miss but guess what? San Francisco missed. Later liberals!

Yesterday was war and now I am battle hardened. Load up the clips. It’s time to unload.

Here are my plays:

Ohio St -0.5 vs Sister Billy Jean King and her fake teeth 1 Unit

Auburn -15.5 vs. Jacksonville St 1 Unit

Villanova -15.5 vs. Delaware 1 Unit

Notre Dame Alabama Over 152.5 1 Unit

Virginia Tech +1 vs. Texas 1 Unit

Illinois -8 vs Chattanooga 1 Unit

Iowa State +4 vs LSU 1 Unit

Arizona -21 vs. Wright St 1 Unit

Davidson +1.5 vs. Mich St 1 Unit

Wisconsin -7.5 vs Toothpaste 1 Unit

Hockey Over: Buffalo Calgary Over 6.5 1 Unit


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