Woody’s Winners 3/17/2022

I’m disgusted with myself. Like the kind of disgusted when you can smell your coworker’s lunch on their breathe because every time they talk to you it has to be two inches from your face. Like dude, get the hell away from me and throw in a stick of big red while you’re at it.

 0-3 on the night. Forgive me for I have sinned. I’ve let all of you down especially my family and close friends. I was raised better than that and will hold myself to a higher standard going forward. But I would like to blame Bryant and Peter Kiss also. That arrogant little asshole. He should be put in jail for stealing and more specifically stealing my 2 units. He ended the night with a decent stat line but my god he thinks he is Jimmer Fredette with none of the pure mormon skill. Peter Kiss is the coach’s son on the middle school basketball team that shoots the ball 100 times and never comes off the court. But also cries if he misses a shot and then goes home buckled in the back seat of the Honda Odyssey and still wets the bed. See ya never Peter Kiss.

What can I even say about the Hockey Over. It wasn’t close again. What kind of idiot would bet on the Columbus Blue Jackets to score goals… *Insert picture here of my dumb fat unable to grow a beard face*

As for Rutgers. I can’t even be mad. That game was the official wake up call that March Madness is here. I do hate Notre Dame and the fact that any of those Catholic Brady Quinn dick riding freaks are happy makes me sick. But credit where credit is due, great game. Betting heavy against them next round though.

The first day of four of the best sports days is upon us. Pack a cooler of beer, preferably Bud Light (extremely unfortunately not a sponsor). Grab some family size bags of sweet spicy chili Doritos. Kick the dog out of your spot on the couch and buckle in. Your ass should be fused to the fabric of the coach when you try to get up for work Monday. It’s time to crank up the volume.

Here are my plays:

TTUN -1 vs Colorado St 1 Unit

Providence -2 vs. South Dakota St. 1 Unit

Longwood +18.5 vs. Tennessee 1 Unit

Iowa -10.5 vs. Richmond 1 Unit

Gonzaga -23 vs. Georgia St 1 Unit

Saint Mary’s -3 vs. Indiana 1 Unit

Creighton +2.5 vs. San Diego St. 1 Unit

Arkansas -5 vs Vermont 1 Unit

Murray St. -2.5 vs San Francisco 1 Unit

Hockey Over: Carolina @ Toronto Over 6.5 1 Unit


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