Basketball Buckeyes vs Sister Jean Preview

Ohio State is screwed. They have been for a while and now they face their toughest opponent. God. No opponent I would want to play less after losing 4 out of your last 5 games. I mean the guy rose from the dead, turned water into wine and was born from a virgin. I think he probably has a decent jump shot.

Historically, Ohio State sports doesn’t fair well against bigger than sports outside factors. I think we all remember Tyler Trent. RIP. But he did win Purdue that football game back in 2018 against the Buckeyes. Rondale Moore still gives me nightmares. Then the year before when we lost to Iowa because they had to make a huge deal out of their children’s hospital wave. Again, we got waxed. Now all they will talk about and show during the game is sister jean. What makes her special? She is old and likes basketball. Oh, but she has Sister in front of her name so let’s make a big deal about it. You know what we should make a big deal about? The kids! This is their time to shine, and Sister Jean is stealing that shine from yet another team. Coach K’s retirement tour extravaganza has been bad enough, let’s not make this mistake again.

Now for the basketball. Who even cares? The Buckeyes will look good in the first half and have a comfortable lead at halftime. Then the collapse. They won’t score more than five points in the first ten minutes of the second half and go down by double digits. We will make a late run with a minute left, but it will be too little too late. Another first round loss. But don’t worry, football season is right around the corner. Stroud is my Heisman front runner and I even have the Buckeyes winning it all this year. I believe the saying is when one door closes, another door opens. And that door is being opened by the hand of Ryan Day with a national championship ring on his finger.

Prediction: Sike! Bucks by a billion! Buckeyes win by 10


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