Woody’s Winners 3/16/2022

Not the start to March Madness I was looking for. I broke even on the two play in games and my Hockey Over wouldn’t have hit an iceberg if it was the fucking Titanic. Too soon? Leo really did deserve better.

I don’t understand my luck lately with teams that refuse to make free throws down the stretch. Texas A&M CC missed 3 free throws and a layup down the final stretch. They didn’t make a single field goal in the final 6 minutes of the game. I’m not sure if watching the final few minutes of this game caused me to throw up or if I am still hungover from a long weekend in Vegas. Definitely Vegas.

Indiana did what they were supposed to and beat up the cattle farmers of Wyoming. Turns out having the best player on the court in Trace Jackson-Davis will win you a ball game. Well, back to it Wyoming. Those cattle aren’t going to farm themselves. I bet they wear cool khaki jackets while farming though.

I don’t want to talk about the Hockey Over other than the LA Kings can go pound sand. No further comment at this time…. Get bent.

Day two of the play in games roll on and I guess at this point I am forever forced to keep betting on two random hockey teams, that I know nothing about, to score more than 6 goals.

Here are my plays:

Ryder: Bryant +2.5 vs Wright St 2 Units. If I am anything in this life it is a huge Barstool Sports fan (Stoolie). They have one of the greatest gamblers of this generation working for them named Rico Bosco. Pretty sure that is his government name. He has a legion of Rico Ryders that follow his phenomenal picks and oh boy is Rico a Bryant fan. Makes this pick a lock. Easy 2 unit play. Also Bryant has a player named Peter Kiss who averaged the most points per game in D-1 this year. He would also be the most hated guy in the world if he played at Duke if you know what I mean.

B1G: Rutgers +1 vs Notre Dame 1 unit. Catholics vs. uh I don’t know… The Jersey Boys. Anyway, I’ve watched Rutgers beat up on a lot of good B1G Ten teams. I like them so much I would even take them money line… yeah that was bad.

Hockey Over: Columbus @ Ottawa Over 6.5 1 Unit. Back to my old stomping grounds. Fuck over 6’s. Feed me the .5 point. NEED IT.


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