Woody’s Winners 3/15/2022: I’m Back

Don’t worry I’m back. I decided I had been working too hard on growing the blog and social media (140 followers) that I deserved a vacation. Woody Sports is 24/7 and can even take a toll on the hardest working blogger. I would tell you all about the vacation but no need to get bogged down in details. Anyway, we all are here for one thing. March Madness play in games of course. Oh, and don’t forget the Hockey Over!

Oh, and I am rich now because I picked Cameron Smith to win the Players Championship at +3600. Humble-ish brag. Check the blog if you don’t remember because I know you all read it but might need a refresher. Great timing for a huge win. Bank rolled for the rest of March.

Let’s get right into it. Here are my plays:

Let’s go with the team that covers: Texas A&MCC +3.5 vs Texas Southern 1 Unit. I like to consider myself a man of the people. So I think it is safe to say I, like everyone else, have never heard of either of these teams. But lets go with AMCC because they have a record of 18-9 against the spread. Males sense to me.

Big Ten Bullies: Indiana -4 vs Wyoming 1 Unit. It’s the Hoosiers here. They have the best player on the court in Trace Jackson-Davis. This should be a cake walk compared to most of the Big Ten teams that beat them up all season.

Hockey Over: Colorado @ LA Over 6 1 Unit. Colorado is good at the sport of hockey. LA is good at the sport of hockey. They score goals. Most likely more than 6.


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