Woody’s Winners 3/10/2022:

The Hockey Over is BACK! I can’t lie. I was nervous that it was going to be 0-5 this week with how bad the first to games lost. Now please let me destroy Xavier. I mean this team sucks. Xavier -5.5 was an easy winner with them up 6 with 45 seconds left and at the free throw line. Xavier proceeded to miss 5 consecutive free throws in a row. I have never seen anything like it. Xavier was in a dream situation, covering the number and getting fold with under a minute to play. According to my advanced analytics, that ends in covering the spread 100% of the time. But they let Butler force OT and then continued to miss every free throw in OT and lose by a billion. Xavier, you have made the list. You know I was mad when I was on Xavier mens basketball twitter liking every tweet saying that the coach should be fired and the program should be abolished. End of Ted Talk. All in all a good day ending 3-1.

Yesterday: 3-1   +1.7 Units                          Week: 5-4    +.5 Units

Conference tourney week is actually here now. No more wannabes hanging on by a string. High volume mode is activated. Here are my plays:

Ohio State is playing: Ohio State -5 vs. Penn St.  1 unit. I hate this team so much. If I wasn’t a Buckeye fan, I would hammer Penn St. So technically I am fading myself which I love.

Juwaan Return: TTUN -2.5 vs. Maryland  2 unit. You have to take TTUN here as much as I hate it. They have been playing well and they will be riding high playing for a coach that should be in jail. 2 unit play!

Irrelevant I state: Iowa -7.5 vs Northwestern 1 unit. Another team that has been hot down the stretch. 10 point win at least.

I’m taking Providence again: Providence -7.5 vs. Butler 1 unit. I love Providence in this one with Butler coming off of a huge comeback win in OT yesterday. Butler rolls over and lets them pet their belly.

Why is this number so low?: TCU Texas Over 125.5 1 unit. This number is scary low. But momma didn’t raise no bitch.

Rock Chalk: Kansas -9 vs WVU 1 unit. Kansas has destroyed huggy bear this year. WVU off of a close game yesterday loses like they should.

I love favorites I guess: Nova -6 vs Saint Joes 1 unit. Why only -6? I don’t get it. I hate this card. All chalk.

Late Night Over: Hawaii vs UCR Over 126.5 1 unit. UCR has hit five overs in a row. Lets make it 6. Plus the Hawaii football late night over bail out is undefeated in my head.

Hockey Over: Colorado @ Carolina Over 6.5 1 Unit. Still not afraid of the .5 point. Two good temas means goals worked yesterday. We run it back.


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