Woody’s Winner 3/8/2022:

Worst night in over a week last night. I’m sure some of you are thinking “Wow he must not have won a single bet.” Nope, broke even at 2-2 and with the juice -.2 units. I’m thinking this is water finding its level. All good things must come to an end. I’ve been on a hell of a weeklong heater, and I very much so would like to keep it going. We had an all-time cover in the Warriors game with a meaningless layup at the buzzer to cover +8.5. It is always a nice feeling when the gambling gods throw you a bone. Its not very often you end up on the right side of history with bad beats. The hockey over is done for this week. I will drag its dead body to a winning record this week but the ever so precious perfect week will yet again have to wait. The perfect week is alive for the Late Night Over though. You just have to trust the process of picking the latest west coast college basketball game. Nobody wants to play defense that late at night.

Yesterday: 2-2  -.2 Units

The calm before the storm is still here. All of our asses are on the edge of the coach waiting for conference tournament weekend. Not sure what I think of this card. I kind of love how much I hate it. You know what I’m sayin? Here is my singular play:

Hockey Over: Vegas @ Philly Over 6  1 unit. Four of the last five times these teams have played the over has hit. I think I just talked myself into the under being statistically due. Oh well.


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