Create a QB: Buckeye Edition

I don’t think I am shocking anyone when I say Ohio State has the best college quarterbacks over the last two decades. Ok maybe some people might disagree. I have always said, show me your Heisman winning quarterback and I will show you my Heisman runner up quarterback.  We have quite a few recently. It is kind of crazy out of all the great QBs we have had through the program in the 21st century, Troy Smith is the only guy to win the Heisman. His stats in today’s college football are awful. I would have been calling for his head on a spike if he was our QB last year. Stroud doubled him up in some categories and fans wanted him shit canned. Obviously, the game has changed to more pass heavy offensive football. Except the Big Ten West thinks it is still 1985, having 3 fullbacks on the field and scoring 3 field goals will win football games.

Anyway, I was mindlessly scrolling twitter the other day and came across this tweet.

I took some liberties and read this tweet as create the best Ohio State quarterback of all time. Keep in mind I am of a younger generation, so if the guy played before 2000, he isn’t making the list because he is irrelevant (to modern football).

Arm Strength: Cardale “12 Gauge” Jones. Starting out with a bang. This was an easy answer. If you need a reminder, go watch the 2014 Big Ten Championship highlights. You will have Gus Johnson screaming “12 Gauge” stuck in your head the rest of the day. He needed to be on this list solely due to winning the Natty and giving me the greatest Ohio State football moments of my life.

Accuracy: Justin Fields. Fields is my #1 Buckeye QB of all time. He could be the answer to all these categories but that would be no fun. 2020 Semi Final against Clemson after he took that shot from that Brian Urlacher wannabe. He came back in the game and threw an absolute dime in the endzone. The guy just went out and won football games.

Mobility: Braxton “Braxspin” Miller. Silky smooth runner. That stutter step he used to pull off on long runs got the job done if you know what I mean. When you can transition to WR seamlessly, I think that makes it an easy pick. Pryor was considered.

Size: Dwayne Haskins. I think when people compare you to Big Ben, that is a nice way of saying you are quite large. There was a guy he beat out for the starting spot. Wonder what ever happened to him?

Intangibles: JT Barret. A lot of people give him shit and I won’t stand for it. He is my #2 QB all time. He was a gamer. Go watch his 4th quarter against Penn State in the Shoe. JT not getting his starting spot back the year after we won it all was a damn shame. Cardale should’ve gone pro and we should have won back to back Natty’s. The best team to not win in my opinion. Oh and hell yeah he got that first down!

No shot there is a better list than these names in the last two decades of college football. No bias at all. Go Bucks


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