Woody’s Winners 3/7/2022:

I don’t want to brag. I swear I am not the bragging type. But I had PHENOMENAL week last week. 15-7-1 +7.6 Units. You shittin’ me?

I called for March domination and fellas… here we are. Like I said in the past, March has got to be one of the best months to go on a heater with how high of a volume month it is. Lately I have been the guy that goes to the bar, gases a half dozen beers and kind of fly’s under the radar as the guy that was there and had a good time. Now I am going to be the guy that is throwing back shots and buying rounds for the whole group dropping a few Benjamin’s a night. The question is do i make it home being the guy that was a legend or am I the guy that falls asleep with his head down in his own puke at the bar. Lets go be a Legend.

Now to contradict everything I just said. The college basketball card tonight sucks. We are trying to get through the work week to that long weekend vacation and avoid any damage in the mean time. I guess I’ll throw in an NBA play. Historically a very bad idea. Here are my plays:

ZAGS: Gonzaga -14.5 vs SF 1 Unit. The zags win by double digits. They just had there let down game and they go back to bully ball.

I don’t know the NBA: Warriors +8.5 @ Denver 1 Unit. The warriors are good, no? 8.5 seems like a lot. No way home court is a thing in the NBA. Probably more Steph dick riders than nuggets fans at this game.

Late Night Over: SC @ SMC Over 137.5 1 Unit. SC put up Numbies. Since SMC is the favorite, that means points.

Hockey Over: Kings @ Bruins Over 5.5 1 Unit. 4-0-1 last week on the hockey over. Nose down back to winning. Easy over.


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