Basketball Buckeyes vs TTUN Recap: Done or Dead?

I only caught the first half of the game. This team is ready for March, yeah? Putting it to TTUN with them having everything on the line. We kept them out of the tourney and on our Senior Day…. We suck. This team is DEAD!

I think I have to say the same thing every game. This first half team wins the big ten. This second half team finishes dead last behind Nebraska. Oh yeah we lost to them. I get more and more cynical about this team after every game. This team is like the guy that goes to the gym once and has a great workout and brags to everyone that this is the summer he gets jacked. You check in on him next week and he hasn’t left the coach and is sitting in his own filth eating Funyuns. Great snack but really make you feel gross. Not a sponsor.

We are dead. I don’t care anymore. We can go on a run and win the big ten tourney and I still think we lose first round in march madness. This team doesn’t have the nuts. There is no resiliency. No bounce back. We go down by more than 5 points in the second half, we are DEAD.

Ryan Day, CJ Stroud, TreVeyon Henderson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. All that needs to be said. Go Bucks.


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