Woody’s Weekend Winners 3/5/2022:

THIS AINT NO HOBBY. Yet another winning day. 1 2 3 4 5 winning days in a row. What do we buy with our winnings? Maybe take the girlfriend out to dinner. Fuck that, daddy needs a new driving iron.

We have a really good College Basketball card today. Get the white board out. Make the wife write down all the picks on it because I can’t read my own hand writing. Turn on all three TVs and don’t move from the couch unless you lose a remote and need a channel changed. The couch should clearly have an impression of each ass cheek by the time the lady forces you to take her out to dinner at 7pm. Applebees is always the play. Not a sponsor.

Here are my plays:

Muss Bus: Arkansas +5.5 @Tennesse 1 unit. Evenly matched teams. Give me the points.

Jay Wright needs to wear suits again: Nova @ Butler Over 128.5 1 unit. This number is simply and entirely too low.

THE BOYS: Kentucky-4.5 @ Florida 1unit. Florida is not that good. The boys are buzzin. Easy.

Rat line: Texas Tech -2.5 @ Okla St 1 unit. This line makes no sense to me. I think tech wins and I think by double digits.

Two good teams equal points: Texas @ Kansas Over 137 1 unit. Both these teams put up numbies. I like a close game here too so foul down the stretch will spot us 10+ points down the stretch.

California Love: USC +7.5 @ UCLA 1 unit. THIS IS MARCH. These games today are gonna be close because they mean more. Also USC might be the better team.


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