Woody’s Winners 3/4/2022:

Yup its official. I think I’m a sharp. 3-0-1…. You kidding me? I’ve been putting up numbers. Have not had a losing day all week. I called the month of March into the ring after saying I’d whoop its ass and boy; I am whooping that ass. Some people that I refer to as haters may say “But Woody it is only the first round of the fight!” And to that I say. “Good point.” The judges have scored the fight a 10-8 in the first round, but we all know the money rounds are right around the corner. The real winner in this fight will “head body head body” conference tourneys next week and then Connor McGregor walk around the ring during March Madness at the end of the month. How’s the ankle, Connor? You bum.

I am heavily depressed about the Hockey Over pushing if I’m being honest. Better than a loss but the perfect Hockey Over week will have to wait. The Tampa Bay Lightning have made the list.

Yesterday: 3-0-1  +2.7 Units                       Week: 12-5-1     6.9 Units (Nice)

Need some winners here to finish the week with no losing days. Jinx? Probably. Here are my plays:

Maction: Kent St -2 vs Buffalo  1 Unit. I have been following these teams closely all year and fellas… this is gonna be a good one. Two of the top teams in the MAC square off and if you are anywhere near Kent, pack up the wife and kids and make it to this game.

Maction x2: NIU +9.5 vs. Ohio  1 Unit. It is a Maction packed day and NIU covers more than any team in the conference. They sure do suck at winning games but damnit they cover. 17-10-1 on the year against the spread. Yup Yup.

Friday NBA: Jazz -3.5 @ Pelicans 1 Unit. Is Mike Conley still on the Jazz? If so, this is a LOCK. Plus, Zion is fat.

Late Night Over: Utah St @ SJSU Over 137.5 1 Unit. These teams don’t really score that much. But they have the capability of both scoring 70 each.

Hockey Over: LA Kings @ CBJ Over 6 1 Unit. I love Blue Jackets overs and I trust them with my life to get me to a 4-0-1 record this week.


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