Bo’s Bets 3/4/2022:

Quick recap from my dead dogs play the other night.

Almost went 3-0 if it weren’t for Marquette shitting the bed. But Auburn was able to pull out of OT with the W and cover as well.

As for my Canes pick, it was over within minutes. Boston College was curb stomped within the first 5 minutes. BC tried booking Sarah McLachlan to perform at half to implore Miami in stopping the abuse but nothing was going to stop the Canes.

I only got one play tonight.

My pick is a vengeance play against the soft Bonnies. I’ve hated this team ever since I got burned in mid December when Virginia Tech smacked them 86-49.  I vowed to myself that I would remember this team come March for their sorry ass effort.

Now enter the opponent, Rich….Rich whaaat???? RichMOND!

I love this Spider Squad as they’ve been hammering the fundamentals this year. The Spiders rank 40th in turnover giveaways and 49th at the FT line this season. These are just some of the fundamentals that would bring a smile on Coach Carter’s face.

I would probably make this play a 1 unit revenge play…But with Richmond being on the other side, I’m doubling down and making this a 2 unit play. Give me Richmond and the points… I may fuck around and take them Moneyline after I watch the “Give up Mr Cruz” clip from Coach carter.

Richmond +5


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