Basketball Buckeyes vs Mich St Recap: The Boys are Back (I think)

Lets go! Wire to wire win for the Buckeyes. Haven’t seen a game where I didn’t have to sweat for a second in a long time. Izzo spotting the Buckeyes 11 points to start the game was more than generous. Mich St. did make a little run in the first half that made me pucker up. But after that it was a double digit lead all the way.

THE BRUNK DUNK. Holy hell this guy fucks. That spin move, CHILLS. Get this guy in figure skates and he would give Chazz Michaels Michaels a run for his money. But in all seriousness, I think it is the flowing hair. Must use product or something because it looks phenomenal. He stepped up in a big game and even hammered a dunk. Don’t think he will see a whole hell of a lot more playing time when Young and Key are healthy, but I wouldn’t be upset if he does.

I think it is safe to say Branham had his signature moment of the regular season when he murdered a human with that dunk. He is lethal when he drives to the rim. Seems like he isn’t the greatest jump shooter, but he finds a way to get to the rack when he wants to. Liddell snuck in another great game but was completely overshadowed by Bruck. Rightfully so. Saw that coming of course.

I refuse to get my hopes up at this point. I’ve been hurt too many times and I have thrown all of the stuff out in the lawn. I’m not letting them back in the house. Eh maybe if they make a run in the conference tourney and take me out to a nice dinner. Aye Yo!


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