Woody’s Winners 2/28/2022:

I’m not gonna lie. This past week was a rough one for gambling. Sunday was a rest and recovery day. Back and better than ever with one of the best gambling months ahead of us. Conference tournament week and march madness is a no brainer top 3 gambling events of the year.

Normally here is where I do my recap on picks from the past day but I don’t want to throw up all over my keyboard. So I am going to pretend this past weekend of gambling never happened. And since I am the only one reading these I think my fan base will be ok with that.

Here are my plays:

Northwestern Sucks: Iowa -10.5 vs Northwestern 1 unit. Northwestern is bad and Iowa is playing good basketball and at home they win big.

Let Down Spot: Texas +1.5 vs Baylor 1 unit. I have been too reliant on betting teams after big wins. Baylor just had its biggest win of the year and now they play a good team on the road. Hook ’em.

Late Night Over: UCLA @ Washington Over 139 1 unit. Washington is gonna score 70 so UCLA being a 8 point favorite makes me love the over.

Hockey Over: Toronto @ Washington Over 6.5 1 unit. We are going streaking this week. It starts here.


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