Woody’s Winners 2/25/2022

2-2 on the night. They say ties are like kissing your sister but I won’t say that because that seems messed up in too many ways. 2-2 really is a tease. Makes you feel ok because your record isn’t losing but you are a loser on the night with the juice. Two big takeaways. Ohio state was my best pick in a while. +7 never a doubt just pissed I didn’t throw a sprinkle on money line. I’m down bad about the hockey over streak dying. Its been a rough week gambling and the perfect week on hockey overs was one string of hope that snapped.

Ohio State +7 1u Winner

UCLA -2.5 1u Loser

USC Oregon St Over 138.5 1u Winner

Capitals Rangers Over 5.5 1u Loser

Yesterday: 2-2 -.2 units Week: 7-8-1 -1.6 units

Not a great spread of games in College Bball so NBA? Here are my plays:

Hockey Over: Columbus Carolina Over 6.5 1 unit. The Blue Jackets score goals no matter who they play.

Hungry Favorite: Iowa -12.5 @ Nebraska 1 unit. Iowa has been playing well and keeps eating against a bad Nebraska team.

NBA?: Lakers -2 vs. Clippers 1 unit. I don’t know shit about the NBA.

Late Night Over: San Jose St San Diego St Over 126.5 1 unit. Hoping this is the next streaking over to go with the hockey over.

3-1 tonight or your money back.


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