Juwan Howard Punch: Breakdown from an unbiased fan

Lets start from the beginning. Wisconsin is beating TTUNs ass like a drum with under a minute left in the game. TTUN proceeds to full court press Wisconsin in a game that is all but over. Very much so a serial killer move down double digits with seconds left. Wisconsin’s backups can’t get the ball over half court and so Wisconsin calls a timeout. Strange? Sure, but monkey see monkey do. TTUN coach all out, Wisconsin coach all out. Howard did not see it the same way. Howard makes the first hostile move in the handshake line by saying “I’ll remember that timeout” and avoiding eye contact with Wisconsin’s coach Greg Gard. That threat alone warrants a swift kick to the nads. Gard noticing that Howard is upset, grabs Howards arm during a civil handshake to lend a calming presence. A very generous gesture. Howard became infuriated by this kind offer and a full out brawl between the teams ensued. Howard of course being the first to throw a punch (open handed sucker slap).

This whole situation is ridiculous, and I love every second of it. Ultimately Howard is at fault because he was the sore loser that was full court pressing. That is honestly unheard for how much they were down. But what this really shows is how arrogant Howard is. He is acting like a child full court pressing and expects Gard to be the bigger man by not calling a timeout. A classic case of can give it but not take it. And then again in the handshake line. Howard gives it with a threatening comment and can’t take an arm grab. An arm grab happens in almost every handshake line. Howard saying that is what caused the brawl is him being desperate to pass blame. I guess Howard has PTSD from late game timeout calls… Chris Weber. My favorite part of all this is that Howards so called punch was one of the softest punches of all time. Overall, just a great look for the Buckeyes here. Woody Hayes remains the gold standard of a head coach punch. Go Bucks.

Oh yeah. Also an all time “suck it” from this Wisconsin coach.


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