Bball Buckeyes are good then bad then good… Indiana Recap

I mean what the hell. This team is the most lovable and hard to watch team I can remember. At this point just pick a side Buckeyes. Good or Bad. I think I had no less than three heart attacks while watching that second half which I guess is the new normal. All things considered, going into the game it had the feel of a must win so coming out with a W is big time.

Half way through the second half I was thinking I was a genius. My prediction of a bounce back double digit win was more likely to happen than the sun rising every day. Then right on cue the offense decided to score 2 points in 6 minutes… Not ideal. Was just horrible offensive basketball. But found a way to force OT and then it was over. Good teams win, Great teams cover -6.

EJ Liddell clearly does not match up well with Indiana with two of his lowest point totals on the year coming against them. Branham being a god is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I new he was good but holy shit he is special. He has to be considered a NBA lottery pick now right?

This game annoyingly gives me hope that we can actually make a run in march. This team has been missing a go get a bucket ball handler ever since Deangelo Russell and I think last night we found our guy. I think the duo of a LIddell not playing Indiana and Branham is a difficult matchup come tournament time.


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