Basketball Buckeyes NEED bounce back home vs Indiana

Just a sorry ass performance in the second half against a mediocre Iowa team on Saturday. Rebounding and post defense has been a problem. With Kyle Young seemingly being the only person to care about either. EJ Lidell is by far the best player on the court most nights but he is a points and blocks guy. He pisses on rebounds and loose balls. This has been Chris Holtmann’s teams at Ohio State though. At this point it is to be expected that a couple times a year the Buckeyes will come out flat and lose to a random shitty Big Ten team. Rutgers a couple weeks ago for example.

Obviously the buckeyes are the better team here. I’m expecting a classic Holtmann bounce back performance here with a double digit win at home. We have to show the irrelevant midwest states that start with an I who is boss. Also need all the momentum we can get gong into March and that starts tonight. We need to rid ourselves of last years march madness demons.

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